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Frank Dowling


I really didn't believe

I would find a product

like yours that makes so

many different logos in

custom sizes.

You guys did a great

 job for a great price and

you saved me from wasting

days of my own time

making these things

myself as a multiday


thank you

31.08.2022 22:46:08

Kees Herrebout

Was searching for replacable 
hub caps for my 40 year old
rare PLS Vitesse wheels.
Were not available to buy
anymore in any shop online... But 3Dcarstickers made
some nice metal changes
to my photoshop png and
te stickers look awesome!!
I am so happy! Thanks guys!
Very low price for way
to good quality and service !
Higly recommended.

28.05.2021 19:29:19

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