Guest book

Frank Dowling


I really didn't believe

I would find a product

like yours that makes so

many different logos in

custom sizes.

You guys did a great

 job for a great price and

you saved me from wasting

days of my own time

making these things

myself as a multiday


thank you

31.08.2022 22:46:08

Kees Herrebout

Was searching for replacable 
hub caps for my 40 year old
rare PLS Vitesse wheels.
Were not available to buy
anymore in any shop online... But 3Dcarstickers made
some nice metal changes
to my photoshop png and
te stickers look awesome!!
I am so happy! Thanks guys!
Very low price for way
to good quality and service !
Higly recommended.

28.05.2021 19:29:19

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Guest book

Frank Dowling 31.08.2022 22:46:08


I really didn't believe

I would find a product

like yours that makes so

many different logos in

custom sizes.

You guys did a great

 job for a great price and

you saved me from wasting

days of my own time

making these things

myself as a multiday


thank you

Kees Herrebout 28.05.2021 19:29:19
Was searching for replacable 
hub caps for my 40 year old
rare PLS Vitesse wheels.
Were not available to buy
anymore in any shop online... But 3Dcarstickers made
some nice metal changes
to my photoshop png and
te stickers look awesome!!
I am so happy! Thanks guys!
Very low price for way
to good quality and service !
Higly recommended.

Kurt VandeStouwe 24.04.2021 22:27:29

Excellent quality custom made
knock-off spinner centers.
Fast service. Exactly what I
ordered. Have ordered several
more since the initial order.
Highly recommend !!

Robert Gesling 12.03.2021 14:02:59
Excellent quality. Center cap 
stickers for my Mustang King
Cobra were exactly what I
hoped for.

Jeff 20.10.2020 07:30:08

Excellent quality and excellent

service. My first order must've

got lost in the mail and

they promptly sent out another

set which i received.

Thank you again !

Malcolm Smart 02.12.2019 06:57:41

Thank you Alex and team ,
another great job ,
that makes 3 times Ive been
back (not replacing,
buying for a new car every
time), will be back.......

Donald Dixon 26.10.2019 07:03:58

Received my order today

great quality very well

pleased with what I



Customer support was

great after first order

was list by mail service.


Thanks again and would

recommend you to


Andy Colley 06.05.2019 18:24:49
My order came in today friday 
may3-2019. I am very pleased
with my order just the right

Good quality.
Thanks for a good product.
Would recommend to friends.

Thank you.
Andy C.

W. Campbell 04.02.2019 06:37:44
I received my stickers the
other day and installed
them on my wheels.

They look awesome!

They look like factory
Lincoln wheels now.

I am so glad I found you
guys and it was worth
the wait for these!!!

Good job.
W. Campbell
Washington State,

Peter Rea 29.11.2018 07:26:10
I have just received the 3 
sets of Center Caps I ordered
and could not be happier,
they are fabulous,
2 were standard from your
list and the other was
a special order. They are PERFECT,
I highly recommend anyone
wanting to buy center caps
to use this business. Highest quality,
reasonable prices
with fast service

TERRY SYBERT 23.08.2018 14:58:47
Received my stickers last 
week, but wasn't home at
the time to visually
inspect them.

Finally had the chance to
check them out and they
look phenomenal!

They feel very well-made,
and the graphic is perfect!!
Thanks so much,
I will be sending more
business your way!

Tim Steinerd 18.06.2018 23:52:19
Just recieved my BMW center 
caps, love them, they look
great, fantastic product!!

Steve Stein, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada 05.03.2018 08:32:24

I just received my Mazda

3D center cap stickers for

my winter wheels and they

look terrific!


They are of high quality and

based on what others have

said I expect they will take

on the last month of winter

very well.

Mal Smart- Sydney Australia 03.01.2018 23:34:38
Another great job, thank you, 
re-ordered from 2014,
and the quality is just as
good,adding to my order
not replacing, first lot are
still going strong,
thank you..!!!!

Dennis Caulfield 13.12.2017 23:39:29
I received my order today &
I am very pleased.
The design & workmanship
are excellent.
I would highly recommend
your company to everyone.

Thank you, Dennis.

Gary Pearlman 16.06.2017 00:25:20
Great Quality Center Caps!

The center caps for my 
Lamborghini Countach
arrived here in Michigan
USA and look fantastic.

They are made of thick
material and the self
stick on the back is
super strong. My application of these
center caps is extremely
unique, thus no one
else in the world that
I could find was able
to help me.

I needed the perfect
size Lamborghini
emblem to replace
on my steering wheel
horn button, and since
you can customize the
exact size caps here,
the fit was PERFECT,
and my steering wheel
looks better than
factory again.
My order took about a
month to arrive,
but since it required
international shipping
to America, this is to
be expected. I'm very happy with
these items and since
I only needed 1,
I now have 3 spares
if this one ever comes
off, though I think
its stuck on for life. Thanks 3D Car Stickers Gary P.

WAYNE Lynch 17.05.2017 00:01:00
Highly recommended. 
A well-made set of emblems,

Affordable and timely
international shipping.

Tip to consumers: - I used
[GOOP 6000 Glue]
after doing a sanding job
on the Hub Cap and the
emblem just to make sure
the stay on.

They have stood up to all
weather elements for the
past 11 months in the
Tropics. Thanks, your product is
fully endorsed.

Dj 15.05.2017 09:16:08
Hey, I just received my 
center caps today, they are
awesome quality and exactly
the right size.

I can't thank-you enough
for your work, quick
delivery and amazing price.
Great service 10/10.

Dutch/Gil 07.05.2017 23:56:14
Hello, I received the 
emblems today, pretty darn

Great look, thank you so
much for the effort! FORDIAC
will definitely have some
stares with 1953 Ford F-100
truck with a 400 Pontiac

Thanks again,
I will spread the word! Dutch

Eric 03.05.2017 19:23:30
I have searched everywhere
for Mercedes Benz center
caps for my aftermarket
wheels, but no luck.

When I found your website
for 3d Car Stickers,
I ordered a set of Mercedes
stickers and placed them
over the aftermarket
center caps and they
fit perfectly.

I am very pleased with
the quality.

They look original. Thank you for the
great product and
the great service.

Luke 30.04.2017 16:09:20
I placed on order for some 
VW stickers a few weeks
ago and they arrived today
in good shape here in the US.

Thank you very much,
this will top off my custom
wheel project on my vehicle.

Jason German 24.02.2017 00:25:47
Thanks for the fast shipping 
on my center caps.

They look amazing!
I love them.

I'll be ordering another
custom set from you soon
for my other car. Thank You

Andrew Hurst 06.11.2016 21:29:08
My stickers arrived today 
(fast) and I wanted to let
you know that I am very
pleased with them.

They are very nicely
made at a very reasonable
cost. Thank you also for the
clear instructions for best

Thank you for the
great service you offer!

Adam T 03.09.2016 09:47:26
Thank you for providing 
this custom service.
Your resin
decals are reasonably priced
and for a custom designed
resin decal, it was worth
the wait to receive them
here in the USA. Glad
I found this company as
the decals are not limited
to just wheel caps as
1 placed and order for
about 350 decals that
will be used for a costuming
group's logo. Recommended
to anyone who is looking
for custom decals.

Luis G 19.08.2016 19:27:10

Thank you, I received my

order today.. Wheel cap

sticker look great...

I will recommend anyone

who will want custom

stickers made 

Anthony Britt 11.01.2016 20:05:27

Received the center cap

stickers today and I have to

say, I am very impressed.

I didn't know what to expect,

but I was pleasantly

surprised. If I ever need

another set I will be sure to

order from you again.

Lachlan McCombe 21.12.2015 22:31:16

Thank you so much for the

centre caps!

They look awesome, are

better quality than expected

and perfect size.

Peter 11.12.2015 10:31:29

I receive my order today. 

It sticks perfectly to my 

wheels for my Lexus.  

Thank you so much for 

your wonderful product.

Jose 18.06.2015 11:10:09
I have just received my 
Custom Ralliart center cap
stickers and "wow" they look
amazing I would like to
thank you for the rapid
service and great quality
product I will recommend
this site to everyone
thank you !

Anton Johannsen 16.06.2015 09:21:00
I have received 4 beautiful 
VW Centercaps in carbon
look. Uper nice and easy to
mount on the unauthorized
centercaps. VW will not,
sell their centercaps to
unauthorized wheels
 ; o ( So buy
with confidence at
3D Car Stickers ; o)

Hans Montens 24.05.2015 14:15:55
I received today the wheel 
stickers I ordered
May 14, 2015. I am very
pleased with the quality of
your product. They change
ordinary wheel covers into
a custom made product.

I can recommend you to
any potential customer.

Best regards, Hans

Ghyslain 10.04.2015 17:34:15
I'm very happy and impress 
by the look of my new
center caps on my wheels .
I recommend 3D Car Stickers,
they are the best .

GIANNIS 12.03.2015 15:11:14









Avery Taylor 29.11.2014 11:52:49
The wheel decals are 
excellent, my daughter was
very impress with the look
of the decals.

We will order an additional
custom decal with her
college logo.

Malcolm Smart 30.05.2014 12:40:15

Thank you very much for

my carstickers, very

professional , I would

recommend you to any

one who asks, please

leave this letter on

your site , I am in awe

of the craftsmanship,

anyone who reads this

be warned , this

company is the real

deal, will definitely

order again,

thank you ..!!!!

Bob Jones 30.05.2014 12:35:55
I received the caps today and
they are "Beautiful", as

The Maroon color is as close
as anyone could ever get!
Very Nice....


I hope that they will last as
long as you advertise.

I will do my best to take
 care of them.


I will let everyone know
that you made them!!!!!!!

Pierre Farru 27.09.2013 11:51:10
I received my custom ordered 
wheel centre cap stickers
today and I must say that
the quality is awesome !
At least the long wait was
 not in vain. I am very
pleased. I would use this
manufacturer/supplier again
and I would highly

Joe Wagner 25.09.2013 12:26:31

My purchase was received

last week in excellent condition.

I am very pleased.  Thank you

for your assistance with

this order.  I will make sure

others know of your excellent

product and service.

G.B 24.05.2013 13:45:57
This was a life saver for my 
BMW. The quality was way
better than I expected.
Looks perfect, correct
measurements and exactly
what I desired.
Will surely pass send more
customers your way!!!!!

Robert Marbry 23.05.2013 11:20:04
I received my order today in 
14 days to California.

Great quality and saved me
buying $35.00 complete
wheel centers each. A great looking product
and I received just what I
ordered. Thanks 3d people. Keep up
the great work.
I will tell my repair guy
who services/repairs VW/Audi/Porsche/BMW. Cheers Bobby

Mike 22.05.2013 06:43:30

Received my order .Very nice 

Exceptional quality
Thank-you for the great product

and service.
You now have another friend

in Montreal Canada
Please have a great day......
Mike Giampaolo

Kevin 19.05.2013 16:03:39

I finally received the stickers

today. What a long journey.

But the stickers were brilliant.

I will definitely buy from

you again.

Glen Roiland 22.02.2013 16:52:43
Received the Alfa Romeo 
center cap decals today.
Already put them on!
Much better than expected,
and better than the

Definitely could have
charged more, and I still
would have been pleased!

Emmanuel 07.12.2012 07:40:49
Thanks for these very nice 
stickers, they are top
quality and very cool. Cheers

Jim 05.12.2012 08:05:28
Got my decals today, 
excellent. I had bought
silver plastic wheel trims
for my Toyota Hiace
with a nice 84mm circle
in the middle where I stuck
the decals,
they look superb!!

Joe 04.12.2012 07:07:05
Just wanted to tell you
that stickers arrived today.
Very happy with how
they look.
Have a great Holiday
Thank you for your


Marcin 01.12.2012 08:53:09
Witam, dziekuje bardzo za 
przesylke - wyglada super!
Polece Pana firme znajomym.
Dziekuje raz jeszcze,Marcin.

Chad 22.10.2012 11:00:28
Hi, I received my stickers today !
They are very nice ! Top notch
quality ! Thanks!

Pete 15.10.2012 08:25:13
Hi there. Just received the 
centre cap stickers for
Toyota Celica and wanted
to say how excellent they
are. Thank you. Please give
my thanks to the person
Best wishes Pete

Ron R. 23.09.2012 07:50:21
I received my Mazda Speed 
center cap decals and all
I can say is WoW great
product, fits perfect, looks
great and very quick

Mike 18.08.2012 16:07:54
Hello, my decals arrived 
today so I want to say
for an excellent service!

Quality of these BBS centre
caps badges is superb!

When I buy some new
wheels (soon) I will be
ordering more from you.

I will also be spreading
the word on the excellent
product and service you
provide. Kind regards. Mike.

Larry 16.03.2012 10:42:48
I recieved my decals 
They fit perfect.I also
want to say thank you
for responding to my
emails so quickly...
Thats how alot of
bussinesses need to
be...enjoy your day

Nick 01.03.2012 10:52:19

Thank you for the stickers!

 I was worried when ordered

them, because the photographs 

are beautiful, but how do they

looks in reality I haven`t imagined.

 But everything turned outeven

 better than I expected.

 Stickers come great!

Leevan 04.12.2011 12:11:30
Recieved my Audi centre 
and im extremely pleased.
Shipped all the way to South
Africa. Great product and
Excellent workmanship

Johan D. 22.06.2011 16:11:31
I wanted a JDM look for my 
white Buddy Club P1 rims and
found this shop fully
flexible to make the size
and the design I wanted.
Maybe the red could have
been darker, but all in all
I'm happy how it turned out.
See on this page:

Paulo Pires 23.05.2011 22:49:59
Very good quality centers,
 i'm trully happy with them
and the fit perfectly!
Hope to deal with you again.
The extra one was a good
surprise! Thanks

Paul Henk 19.04.2011 09:30:36
Thanks you for the Center 
Emblems. Very nice, and I
was not expecting an extra
one for the Spare either!

Here is a picture I put on a
local Jeep site.
Hope you get more orders!


Ron Williams 11.04.2011 00:17:49

Very good shop. Satisfied!

If you want to leave a feedback, send it to us.
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