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Gary Pearlman

Great Quality Center Caps!

The center caps for my 
Lamborghini Countach
arrived here in Michigan
USA and look fantastic.

They are made of thick
material and the self
stick on the back is
super strong. My application of these
center caps is extremely
unique, thus no one
else in the world that
I could find was able
to help me.

I needed the perfect
size Lamborghini
emblem to replace
on my steering wheel
horn button, and since
you can customize the
exact size caps here,
the fit was PERFECT,
and my steering wheel
looks better than
factory again.
My order took about a
month to arrive,
but since it required
international shipping
to America, this is to
be expected. I'm very happy with
these items and since
I only needed 1,
I now have 3 spares
if this one ever comes
off, though I think
its stuck on for life. Thanks 3D Car Stickers Gary P.

16.06.2017 00:25:20


Highly recommended. 
A well-made set of emblems,

Affordable and timely
international shipping.

Tip to consumers: - I used
[GOOP 6000 Glue]
after doing a sanding job
on the Hub Cap and the
emblem just to make sure
the stay on.

They have stood up to all
weather elements for the
past 11 months in the
Tropics. Thanks, your product is
fully endorsed.

17.05.2017 00:01:00

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