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Steve Stein, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

I just received my Mazda

3D center cap stickers for

my winter wheels and they

look terrific!


They are of high quality and

based on what others have

said I expect they will take

on the last month of winter

very well.

05.03.2018 08:32:24

Mal Smart- Sydney Australia

Another great job, thank you, 
re-ordered from 2014,
and the quality is just as
good,adding to my order
not replacing, first lot are
still going strong,
thank you..!!!!

03.01.2018 23:34:38

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How qualitatively to stick our stickers?

  1. The place for stickers needs to be cleared of dirt and a dust and to degrease.
  2. The surface should be flat and cleared.
  3. If during gluing of stickers on the street not warmly, or it seems that stickers not so soft, they need to be heated a bit.
    We recommend to use the hair dryer for the best gluing of stickers. It is enough to blow in a sticker warm air within 30 seconds and after that they can be pasted.
    Attention. Necessary to use the hair dryer only on the first (weakest) capacity.
  4. After that is necessary to press evenly a sticker to a surface, press slightly.
  5. Enjoy !
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