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Steve Stein, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

I just received my Mazda

3D center cap stickers for

my winter wheels and they

look terrific!


They are of high quality and

based on what others have

said I expect they will take

on the last month of winter

very well.

05.03.2018 08:32:24

Mal Smart- Sydney Australia

Another great job, thank you, 
re-ordered from 2014,
and the quality is just as
good,adding to my order
not replacing, first lot are
still going strong,
thank you..!!!!

03.01.2018 23:34:38

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About online shop 3d wheel center caps

3dcarstickers.com company founded in 2007.

Main activity of the company – is a production of high quality 3d stickers.

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We use only high quality materials, so our stickers will serve you for a long time

We monitor the latest technologies in the field, to offer you the best product, because our main goal is “HAPPY CLIENT”!

At this time we already have over 4000 satisfied customers.

Become one of them and we guarantee that you will be pleased to cooperate with us.

We work for you!

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