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Peter Rea

I have just received the 3 
sets of Center Caps I ordered
and could not be happier,
they are fabulous,
2 were standard from your
list and the other was
a special order. They are PERFECT,
I highly recommend anyone
wanting to buy center caps
to use this business. Highest quality,
reasonable prices
with fast service

29.11.2018 07:26:10


Received my stickers last 
week, but wasn't home at
the time to visually
inspect them.

Finally had the chance to
check them out and they
look phenomenal!

They feel very well-made,
and the graphic is perfect!!
Thanks so much,
I will be sending more
business your way!

23.08.2018 14:58:47

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are 3D stickers made from?

A: 3D stickers are made from the high quality vinyl, with printed image on it, and covered with layer of domed resin (2-3mm). This layer protects the sticker from external influence such as rain, solar radiation, and ext.

   Q: Which size of stickers can I order?

A: You can choose size (diameter) of the sticker before the order of the item. There is a wide range of diameters available, from 10 to 90 mm.

   Q: What surfaces are suitable for gluing these stickers?

A: For qualitative pasting of stickers it is necessary to use flat and clean surfaces.

Q: How much time is needed for shipping the order?

A: In most cases the product is shipped within the next day. But in some cases stuff can be shipped in 2 working days!

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal payments.

Q: What is the cost for international shipping?

A: Worldwide shipping costs is only 3$.

    Q: What is the delivery time?

A:  Actual delivery time will depend on your country.

  • Europe: 7-14 days

  • North and South America: 14-20 days

  • Aziya: 14-20 days

  • Africa: 20-25 days

  • Australia and Oceania: 20-25 days.

   Q: Can I order 3D sticker with my own design?

A: Yes! We can create 3d sticker with your own design. For more information contact as at info@3dcarstickers.com

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