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Malcolm Smart

Thank you Alex and team ,
another great job ,
that makes 3 times Ive been
back (not replacing,
buying for a new car every
time), will be back.......

02.12.2019 06:57:41

Donald Dixon

Received my order today

great quality very well

pleased with what I



Customer support was

great after first order

was list by mail service.


Thanks again and would

recommend you to


26.10.2019 07:03:58

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About us

3dcarstickers.com company was founded in 2007.

Main activity of the company – is production of high quality domed stickers  for car center caps.

Throughout this time, we have become experts in this business, and can offer you high quality products at a very good price.

This store is the next step of sharing our products with the world.

We use only premium materials for all of the decals in the shop.

We monitor the latest technologies in the field and turn the graphic design into reality that can be shared with others.

Our motto is to make timeless stickers that will be your love for life and deliver them to you as soon as possible . 

Glue our stickers to your wheels and add personality and color to your ride .

We are the store you can trust and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations.

By now, we already have over 4000 satisfied customers.

Become one of them and we guarantee that you will be pleased to cooperate with us. 

Thank you all for stopping by,  we are committed to 100% customer ‘s satisfaction.

We work for you!

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