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Andrew Hurst

My stickers arrived today 
(fast) and I wanted to let
you know that I am very
pleased with them.

They are very nicely
made at a very reasonable
cost. Thank you also for the
clear instructions for best

Thank you for the
great service you offer!

06.11.2016 21:29:08

Adam T

Thank you for providing 
this custom service.
Your resin
decals are reasonably priced
and for a custom designed
resin decal, it was worth
the wait to receive them
here in the USA. Glad
I found this company as
the decals are not limited
to just wheel caps as
1 placed and order for
about 350 decals that
will be used for a costuming
group's logo. Recommended
to anyone who is looking
for custom decals.

03.09.2016 09:47:26

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Welcome to the online store 3dcarstickers.com

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